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Who To Inform After A Death

Who should you inform?
Immediately after a death it’s difficult to remember to inform everyone who needs to know but the following may help.

Many of the items on the list are vital if the deceased lived alone and leaves an empty house.

  • Employer.
  • Doctor, dentist, district nurse etc.
  • Cancel the milk, newspapers and magazine subscriptions.
  • Car insurance - you could be driving without insurance if the policy was taken out in the deceased’s name.
  • Neighbours so that they know that the house is empty and why.
  • Utilities - gas, electric and telephone.
  • Get mail redirected at the Post Office.
  • Social Services regarding home helps, meals on wheels etc.
  • Social Security regarding any benefits.
  • Local Council (or landlord) regarding rent, council tax etc.
  • Building Society regarding mortgage and endowment insurance policies.
  • Inland Revenue.
  • Solicitor.
  • Hospital, Doctor, Chiropodist, Dentist etc. if appointments are pending.
  • Bank (accounts, direct debits, standing orders, credit cards and debit cards).
  • Cancel store cards.
  • Return passport to UK Passport Agency.
  • Return driving licence to DVLA.
  • Any clubs or associations.
  • Mobile phone companies.
  • Satellite TV subscription.
  • Internet Service Provider

Don’t forget to get any money and valuables out of an empty house.

We’ve tried to cover everything but if there’s anything that we’ve missed please let us know.

Graham, Christine or George will be pleased to assist you with
any queries you may have about funerals.

You can contact them on 01723 - 501027 (24 hours)

G. Roberts Independent Family Funeral Directors is an independent, family run business serving
Scarborough and all surrounding areas

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