Graham Roberts is an independent Funeral Director based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

G. Roberts Independent Family Funeral Director
Serving Scarborough And All Surrounding Areas
6 / 8 Sherwood Street, Scarborough, YO11 1SR
Tel: 01723 - 501027 (24 hours)

Our Services

Some of the services that we may help you with.

Graham Roberts Funeral Service using a horse drawn hearse

Newspaper Announcements

Most newspapers have their own set style for funeral notices and as part of the service we provide we will suggest suitable wording for any newspaper announcements you wish to place. We can then, on your behalf, place them in whichever newspapers you desire whether local, national or international.


After the funeral service the family often want to go somewhere to have something to eat and drink providing the opportunity to talk to the wider family and other people who have attended the funeral.
We can arrange varying types of catering to suit your needs ranging from a simple buffet to a full meal. The venue would depend on the type of catering you require and could be at home, in a church or village hall, in a public house, a hotel or in a restaurant.
We can advise and make arrangements for whatever your requirements may be.

Order Of Service Sheets

We can print Orders of Service for any funeral service. However, it is essential that we have instructions as early as possible in order to prepare a draft for approval, prior to the funeral. The finished copies will then be delivered to the church or crematorium by our staff.
Many families find that a copy of the Order of Service can often be helpful or comforting to friends or relatives who may be unable to attend the funeral.

Donations To Charities

Quite often a family will request to have family flowers only, or even no flowers, and have donations to charity instead. Donations may be placed on a plate at the exit of wherever the service is held. After the service, we will return the donations to the next of kin for them to forward onto their chosen charity. Note:Cheques sent to us should be made payable to the charity concerned

Distance Funerals

Although we are based in Scarborough, we have experience of providing funeral services throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We ensure that you will receive the same level of high quality care and attention wherever you ask us to act for you, locally or further afield.


A death may occur anywhere in the UK or even abroad and when this happens the deceased will need to be transported from the place of death to our premises for the funeral to be held locally.
Alternatively if the death of someone who lives elsewhere in the UK or even abroad occurs locally then transportation to the place where the funeral will take place will be required.
Although we are a locally owned and operated family run Funeral Directors we are not limited to local funerals and can carry out funerals in any part of the UK. We can also repatriate someone either to or from another country anywhere in the world.

Graham, Christine or George will be pleased to assist you with
any queries you may have about funerals.

You can contact them on 01723 - 501027 (24 hours)

G. Roberts Independent Family Funeral Directors is an independent, family run business serving
Scarborough and all surrounding areas

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