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Non–Religious Funerals

Ian Baird

My name is Ian Baird and as a civil celebrant I help family members or friends to prepare the funeral service they want for their loved one. My role is to conduct that service as you would wish and provide the funeral that the family and perhaps your loved one want.

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I feel that when someone you love dies, they and their life should be at the very heart of the service. This is the last act of love and friendship we can perform and it is important that we say and express all the things that celebrate or commemorate a life. This may include stories and anecdotes, memories and contributions from family or friends. You may wish to add poetry or music which has a particular significance for the deceased. I am not a humanist, rather I help to plan and conduct services for those who choose not to have a religious funeral but occasionally, a family member may request a hymn or a prayer and this is perfectly acceptable.

The funeral service and what it contains is based entirely upon what you wish. We will arrange an early meeting to discuss your ideas. This is a difficult and emotional time so I can help and advise you on how to arrange your thoughts and expectations. Together we will prepare an order of service which meets your needs. I will stay in contact with you throughout and make sure you are perfectly satisfied with the service before the day of the funeral.

My hope is to offer you a truly personalised and professional service. If I can be of help to you and your family at this time, please contact me through G. Roberts Independent Family Funeral Directors or directly by phone: 07887 365790

Do you require a Eulogy?
Whether your funeral is religious or secular a fitting Eulogy is essential. If you require assistance in writing an appropriate Eulogy for the deceased let me offer my services to help you organise your thoughts and set down on paper what you want to say.

What is required?
A meeting needs to be arranged at the earliest opportunity to discuss the matter and gather appropriate information about the deceased. An initial draft will be forwarded to you to be checked for accuracy and suitability. Once this is done and any alterations made, a further draft will be sent for scrutiny.
This process can continue until you are satisfied then a final copy will be sent to you for the person conducting the funeral service or it can be emailed directly to them.

Steve Emmett

I‘m Steve Emmett and I am accredited by the British Humanist Association to create and lead non–religious, personalised ceremonies. I work primarily in North and East Yorkshire, including Hull and the Humber, but I will travel anywhere if requested.

Image of Ian Baird who officiates at non religious funerals for G. Roberts Independent Family Funeral Directors

I will work with you and your funeral director to create a unique ceremony, an event that will be a fitting tribute to your loved one, and a lasting memory.

Some assume that because a ceremony is non–religious it is about being negative, but this could not be more wide of the mark. Humanist ceremonies are uplifting events, each one unique to the family and their loved ones, reflecting their lives, hopes, achievements and relationships.

I begin with a visit to meet you in the familiar surroundings of your own, or your loved one‘s, home, to learn about the deceased and his or her life, from which I carefully craft a ceremony that paints an accurate and rounded picture of the person. We will include carefully chosen words and music, elements that draw on the highs (and lows) of the one you have lost, to produce a ceremony that will be very much about the individual and their influences. I will consult with you at every stage, providing draft copies until you are completely satisfied. On the day of the funeral you can rely on me to be there early to check that all is ready, and to deliver the ceremony with dignity and the appropriate tone. I will leave you with a presentation copy of the ceremony, a keepsake that can be treasured.

A bit about me for those who want to know...
I live in the market town of Malton, ideal for serving all of Yorkshire, and am an accredited BHA Celebrant. I was a finalist in the Good Funeral Awards 2014, nominated for Celebrant of the Year. I was born in Harrogate but have spent most of my adult life running my own businesses in London and Italy. Now back in Yorkshire I find being a celebrant and serving my local community to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done. If you want to know more, please visit: Steve Emmett's website or simply ask G. Roberts Independent Family Funeral Directors to put you in touch with me.

Graham, Christine or George will be pleased to assist you with
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